Famous for its stunning beaches, nonstop nightlife, and amazing culture, Pattaya is truly a world-class destination. If you decided to spend your vacation in Thailand, or you are going to spend several months in the city, then it will be a good choice to rent a villa. However, renting a villa is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you had never visited Pattaya before. So, what should you do to ensure that you rent the best villa in Pattaya?

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Going on a vacation or moving to Pattaya can be exciting, but it is easy to forget to check the essential details. Many details, such as your budget, the location of the villa, the type of villa you want, the type of vacation you want to have, and the amenities you want in the villa, will help you a lot in the decision making process. 

So, to help you out with your villa hunt, we have compiled some simple and practical tips for you. Read on!

Know what you are looking for

The first step in renting a villa in Pattaya is identifying what you are looking for. There is a wide range of villas for rent in Pattaya, so knowing exactly what you require will help you narrow down your search. Are you with your family? With friends? Or are you alone? How many bedrooms do you need? Do you require housekeeping every day? Would you prefer being more isolated or in the center of everything? Do you want a pool or a garden?

It is also recommended that you have an idea of the type and style of the villa that you prefer. In Pattaya, you generally can choose between serviced high spec villas and non-serviced villas. For the style, your options range between modern-style villas and traditional Thai-style villas. 

Research and consult multiple sources

It is essential to check various villa rental websites to compare the properties they have available, as well as the prices. You may have a favorite real estate website that you will use again, but make sure to check other websites as well to be absolutely sure that you are making the right decision. 

When you see a beautiful villa that you want to rent, speak to someone who has seen the villa (other than the owner), wherever possible. You also need to read previous guest reviews. It is best to find an agency that allows you to connect with past guests via social media, but if you cannot find one, you can always ask for references. You can take advantage of virtual 3D tours that some property sites provide. In cases where there are no virtual 3D tours, you can use Google Earth and Street View to check out exterior images of the property.

Location, location, location

Consider the location of the villa is an essential part of renting a property. Do you want the villa to be located in a peaceful neighborhood? Do you want it near Pattaya’s nightlife scene? Or do you want to rent a villa surrounded by restaurants? Below are some districts in Pattaya you may want to consider.

  • Central Pattaya is the heart of the city. It is the epicenter of Pattaya’s nightlife where you can find the famous Walking Street, various shops, bars, restaurants, and massage parlors. It is the most popular area in Pattaya with constant traffic. It is most ideal for people who want a lively holiday or ex-pats who need to live close to work. 
  • South Pattaya can be divided into two parts, a part near South Pattaya Road and a part near Thepprasit Road. The part near South Pattaya Road is very similar to Central Pattaya, lively and crowded. However, the part near Thepprasit Road is less busy but is filled with a lot of offices and retail outlets.
  • Pratumnark is the place if you want to be surrounded by beautiful parks, green and clean area, as well as quiet and tranquil beaches. However, it is one of the most elite places in the city, so the villas are going to be more expensive than other areas in Pattaya.
  • H Jomtien is an up and coming area filled with bars, restaurants, massage parlors, and souvenir shops. While it is very similar to central Pattaya, it is a lot quieter. The beach and the sea are much cleaner than in central Pattaya and it has one of the biggest water parks in Asia, the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark. 

Do the math

Sometimes when you look at the price for a night in a villa, it can seem very expensive, but when you realize it has five or eight bedrooms and you divide the cost between your group, you will probably find that it will be better value than a hotel or resort. 

You also need to find out what the total figure includes. Sometimes, a villa can seem very expensive because the price is all-inclusive, so you do not have to worry about paying extra for gas, electricity, and water. 

Whether you are going with a group of friends, family, or by yourself, it is best to decide your budget range and how much you are willing to spend before you start researching villas.

Scrutinize the lists of facilities and services

Once you find a stunning villa that fulfills all your requirements and fit your budget, do not book it immediately. Look closely at the facilities, amenities, and services they offer. 

How many bedrooms are there? How many bathrooms are there and are they accessible from only bedrooms or public spaces? Are bath towels, linen, and bedding provided? Is the kitchen well equipped? What kind of cooking appliances and dinnerware are available? Is there an air conditioner? Are there any laundry facilities? Does the villa offer car hire services for you to get around?

Is there a pool? A picnic set? A barbeque? Are there family games, books, kids toys, TV? What about Wi-Fi? Is there a cleaner or cook?

Moreover, you need to make sure that there are plenty of spaces for people to retreat. No matter how much you love each other’s company, there will be times when you want your own space. 

If the detail is not on the site, phone, or email the owner of the villa or the agent.

Put it in writing and read the fine print

It is important that you sign a contract when you rent a villa to protect you, the owner, and the agent. Make sure that the contract specifies which expenses are not included in the base price, such as electricity, air conditioning, or taxes. The contract should also outline policies regarding cancellation, property damage, as well as what would constitute for unsatisfactory stay. 

By doing all of the tips above, we guarantee that you will find the best villa to rent in Pattaya and you will enjoy every minute of your stay!