Tips on how to technology can make your international travel easier

Tips on how to technology can make your international travel easier

It seems to me that every week, something new is out that is designed to make our life easier, and this is especially true in the holiday and travel world. Trips that would have taken months to make only a few generations ago can be done in hours.

You used to have to reply on travel agents’ feedback to choose where to go on holiday. Where as now the online world has completely changed that. Review website such as TripAdvisor will allow you to research other travellers’ experiences and recommendations of potential hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions that you are considering going too.

Reading these reviews will help you to make smart choices as to which places to visit, and if you look out for their tips and recommendations you will usually find these are very valuable. Such as which room is quietest, or who to ask if you need to use an international courier or which one offers the cheapest luggage shipping. Remember that these forums only work because people contribute, so ensure that you also leave reviews and tips.

Traveling to a Country that where you did not speak the language, used to involve carrying a translation dictionary, and using it was always a slow process. Now there is a better way, download the google translation app to your smart phone. It will translate messages instantly to and from over 100 languages.

Best of all 36 languages have a voice recognition setting that allows you to speak the message that you would like to have translated into your phone and the app will play it back in your chosen language. Allowing you to easily communicates with locals everywhere. It also has an image recognition option, where you can take a photo of a sign or menu, and it will recognise the words, language and then translate it for you. How cool is that, no more wrong orders from menus that you do not understand.

Another new development is the currency debit card app. Now you no longer need to carry foreign currency around with you, simply download an app like Revolut and you can use your smart phone like a debit card in over 50 currencies, at very competitive real time exchange rates. If you do decide that you want to have some foreign currency remember not to buy it at the airport where the exchange rates are very poor. If you exchange it locally and keep the receipt, most bureau de change will allow you to change back any that you do not use commission free and when you are going on holiday, as every penny counts.

I hope that these tips will help you to plan better and help you to have an even better time on your next trip.

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