Bangkok is the most populous city in Thailand. Its geography is as interesting as are its people, where you’ll find the people are content in their small part of this metropolis. An ever-increasing number of tourists come here from all over the world, with many deciding to stay for extended periods while others turn out to be permanent residents.

What You Should Know About Bangkok

Bangkok strikes the perfect balance between modern lifestyle and authentic religious traditions. Temples and malls coexist in the bustling streets of Bangkok. Some of the well-known locations in Bangkok are Sukhumvit, Pratunam and Indra square. You will even find some great markets perfect for shopping here. This city also offers interesting choices when it comes to renting a property. From single bedroom condos to 5-bedroom modern villas, everything is available here.

What to look for while renting property in Bangkok

The local system, although simple, may confuse new tenants. Hence, the best option is to locate a reputed agency and brief them about your requirements.

Here is a look at some of the crucial aspects while renting your dream villa.

  1. Location – It is of prime importance. Find out the distance from your villa to your workplace, local schools, and shops to ensure easy commute. Ideally, the villa you rent should also be close to a BTS station. If not, you may even opt for a Car Hire service and rent a car for a fixed duration until you settle down, but beware of the infamous Bangkok traffic!
  2. Contract Terms – Understand what your rental contract says. Basic amenities like water, electricity, cable, and Wi-Fi should be available. Also, get an understanding of the responsibilities that both the tenant and the landlord will need to bear. Some new style villas come with all the modern trappings of a swimming pool, modern kitchens, beautiful bedrooms, etc. You need to be sure about the different charges and who will need to pay the maintenance expenses.  
  3. Contract Duration – An ideal rental contract period is for one year. A contract for more than three years is difficult to come by, as it is too expensive for landlords due to tax reasons. Similarly, landlords may refuse to lease a property for less than a year as well for the same reasons.
  4. Fine Print – Never fail to read the fine print regarding deposit refunds and taxes. In most cases, you will need to pay one month’s deposit and one month’s rent in advance. Your rental broker can guide you with this. For an exclusive modern villa, monthly rents may go up to 400,000 Baht or more. Hence, know what to set aside under your rental budget.
  5. Lease Agreement – This may seem complex, as tenants find it difficult to comprehend the local laws. Moreover, the contract may be in the local language. Hence, it is a good idea to hire an agency to help you, even if it means that you have to shell out some money in the form of commission fees.

Secondary Aspects:

  1. Although it is a straight forward process, renting your dream home might be confusing. This is because each project differs from each other in its offerings. This is important to analyze especially while considering High Spec Villas. Ideal locations for such villas include Yan Nawa, Watthana and Chatuchak areas. These neighborhoods are peaceful and safe for both locals and tourists alike. Most of these properties are close to the central part of the city. However, the distance from the city center will be a contributing factor while calculating your rent.
  2. If you prefer to have your share of exposure to the city’s nightlife and shopping, you do not necessarily have to live in these places. It could be tight on your pockets, as these places are quite pricey. Instead, you can easily reach these places by hiring a car. Bangkok’s commuting system is exceptional, making it easy for people to move around with ease.
  3. Set ground rules in the beginning. For instance, make it clear as to who will pay for repair works and maintenance during your stay. This will include air conditioning maintenance or periodic pest control expenses.
  4. Understand the split in your rent. Due to tax reasons, your lease would mention rent for the house and rent for the furniture separately. You must understand these figures clearly before signing the contract.