There is the never-ending hustle and bustle caused by the tourists on the island for various reasons including sightseeing, medical tourism and more. There is still a unique sense of calm amidst all the chaos. Renting a villa can offer you the essence of this unique lifestyle that Phuket offers.

Diverse choices for the different types of renters

The variety that you find might perhaps be the first thing you will notice about Phuket villas. Once you narrow down your location, you will easily be able to find a huge selection of villas with various amenities offered within the premises. There are high spec villas for those with no constraint on the rental prices. For those with a tight budget, there are compact 2-bedroom villas as well. There are even certain communities that offer luxury villas that come with a private swimming pool in the backyard.

Where to begin?

Make sure that you work with a reliable real estate agency when you choose your rental villa. Read the tenancy contract inside out before signing it. Understand the permitted rental hikes in the neighborhood. Ensure that you have all your permits and other documents ready for the paperwork.

Do not hesitate to make an offer when you choose a rental villa. Work with your real estate agent to understand the real value of the property you choose because this will help you understand the optimal rent for the chosen villa. Also, ask around to understand the rental trends in the neighborhood.

How to choose your dream villa?

As there are plenty of options to choose from, here are a few factors to look into while choosing your rental villa

  1. Location

Cape Yamu, Nai Thon, Karon, Koh Sirey, Mai Khao, Chalong and Kathu are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Phuket. Depending on your work location and the proximity to schools and hospitals you would be able to make a decision here.

  1. Amenities

What type of amenities would you prefer along with your villa? There are plenty of fully-loaded communities with world-class amenities in-house. The periodic maintenance charges levied depend on the type of amenities offered.

  1. Shopping

There is so much to do in Phuket. If you wish to find a villa near shopping malls, then Phuket Town and Patong have some of the best shopping centers in Phuket.

  1. Nightlife

For the best of nightclubs and bars, Patong is the place to be. Rawai and Karon other some more relaxed alternatives. While the whole of Phuket does enjoy a busy nightlife, there are places like Mai Khao that are rather serene.

  1. Getting around

The local commute is a breeze in Phuket. It is easy to find car hire services in the city, as there are always tourists looking for transport facilities. Besides the local buses plying the island, there are hundreds of taxis and tuk-tuks waiting to transport you around.