Do you crave for the serene silence and nature? Are you are a rustic lover, who can just kill the day sitting ideally, sipping the glass, watching the sunset? Then, why wait, visit Koh Samui, today.

Need to know

The biggest island among the Chumphon Archipelago, Koh Samui is set off the eastern shores of Thailand surrounded by waters of Gulf of Thailand. It is just an hour’s flight away from Bangkok to Koh Samui, an island destination with an impressive choice of mesmerizing beaches.  Koh Samui can be accessed by a flight from Bangkok and Phuket, and it takes approximately one hour to reach. Koh Samui is a cosmopolitan melting pot, attracting travelers to its many white sand beaches. With its distinctive relaxed atmosphere, Koh Samui is unique among Thailand’s my islands, maintaining a broad appeal for everyone.

Koh Samui majorly consists of three seasons, which are dry, hot and rainy. Thailand is situated between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, and due to this, the place enjoys a warm and humid climate all around the year.

Types of property

At Koh Samui, one would find a plethora of investment options, available right from luxurious villas to affordable condominiums. There are many ranges of investments which would suit every type of buyer. Real estate is booming in areas such as Chaweng, BoPhut, and ChoengMon, because of their proximity to amenities such as airport and medical facilities. It is also worth considering areas like these as the future holds more value for the property. Condominiums and apartments can be the best choice for people looking out to rent out, with maintenance and common amenities available within the space. Villas are ideally suited for those who prefer their privacy. Villas also come with many facilities based on the price that one can afford. Townhouses and row houses are also available here. However, the only difference between a villa and a townhouse or a row house are, an individual house; the walls are shared by the neighboring house, unlike a villa which offers complete ownership. With the employment opportunities gaining widespread recognition and the medical tourism attaining its peak in Koh Samui, investing here is worth your penny.

A new wave of luxury villas is popping up all over the island, with the Samui Green Cottages in Chaweng being the pick of the bunch, with modern terrazzo bathrooms and open space living area with a mezzanine bedroom with breathtaking views of Koh Samui. For more information and availability, check out and all the units they have listed.

Popular areas

Chaweng is one of the best places to be, for a tourist as well as a person who has decided it to make his / her living place. It has one of the most beautiful beaches with a lot of good eateries and offers a good range of nightlife too and is known for its hustle and bustle. A sports traveler can find activities like snorkeling and swim amazingly here. Enjoying boat rides are a must. The specialty of Lamai Beach is its waterfall that is divided into two which gives a panoramic view and also ideally suits the wanderlust traveler. The place is ideally suited for a lively yet relaxed atmosphere. The Big Buddha statue is one of the popular sites, which has an enchanting feel about it. When one is at Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village, one cannot ignore the timeless feeling that the place has to offer. Maenam is indeed a tropical beach paradise, which is captivating in its beauty.

Lifestyle factors

Life in Koh Samui can be exciting with its breathtaking beaches. Several factors appeal to one’s eye like the palm trees lined up along the beach, the National parks and caves. Buying a home or renting a home is a good option, as it is an affordable place. Public transport facilities are rare, renting a scooter would be an ideal option to travel around the city. Since the job market is also booming, one can expect a comfortable lifestyle. Enjoying Thai food at a minimum budget can be one of the comforts here. The cultural experience it offers is also a great getaway option for the working lot. A visit to the temples nearby would be a memorable and pleasant experience.

6 Reasons to invest in Koh Samui

  1. Growing economy –Koh Samui’s reputation as a great tourist destination makes it the best place to be visited, which increases the economic growth of the city.  The attracts people from around the globe due to its growth in various sectors.
  2. Entertainment – Koh Samui is a perfect place for relaxing oneself surrounded by nature and along with the comforts that a city would offer. Choose a ferry ride or a trekking adventure to get away from the monotony of life. The amenities and roadways are well connected that it provides a balance of secluded comfort and a social living as well.
  3. Tourism –With the tourism industry flourishing, and the increasing awareness about Koh Samui, this place can be the best for the investor to rest assured of the rental returns of his / her property. The idyllic beaches with an array of coconut trees, the perfect sunset views, the trekking and hiking experience, the city offers are unparalleled. Shopping souvenirs are one of the best things to take away.
  4. Privacy – Koh Samui is ideal for those who want to get away from the madding crowd, and still holds enormous growth potential.
  5. Diversity – Just like Hawaii, Koh Samui attracts both vacationers and retirees from around the world. Koh Samui market is not dependent on one nationality. There is a diverse mix of nationalities. Since foreigners are generally cash buyers, the market is not propped up by the banks. The market gives good rental returns with differing nationalities vacationing here at a different time of the year. Koh Samui’s climate attracts investors and second home buyers. It covers the interest of the needs of travelers and locals across all ages and interests.
  6. Cuisine – Thai cuisine is known for its fame worldwide and Koh Samui an integral part of Thailand is no exception. This place is known for its excellent seafood and offers some of the best brews in the world.