How to Become an Instagram Travel Influencer

How to Become an Instagram Travel Influencer

If deep within you, you believe to be an Instagram travel influencer, there are lots of opportunities open from your online social activities. Like other influencers, your role should be to make peoples’ traveling aspirations look effortless. Your daily activities should probably begin with some Oceanside feast at dawn and end in some clicking champagne glasses with the horizon-melting sun creating a panoramic view.

To be considered an Instagram travel influencer, you obviously need to position yourself as one. You need to develop a specific strategy of finding any city’s charms, and look out for visually stunning details—no matter how small. To post like an Instagram travel influencer:

  • Post Engaging Content

It is certainly self-fulfilling to be an Instagram influencer. However, to maintain that status, you need to influence and engage people continually. Otherwise, no travel brand will have an interest in working with you. This means that your market reach should consist of relevant people who not only follow you but also engage regularly with your content.

The key to achieving and maintaining this is relevance. Therefore, post relevant content that will enrich your audience, priming them to engage with it. Being relevant encompasses several aspects. Posting regularly and replying to your follower’s comments is crucial.

You should also use relevant hashtags on every post, insert captions that add context to your story, avoid repeated product pitches, include video posts often and always remain authentic.

  • Take Quality Photos

Instagram, as you are aware, is a visual platform. Therefore, as an influencer, your followers expect nothing short of quality portrait and landscape pictures in your feed. Photo editing can come in handy before posting using software such as Adobe Lightroom for professional results.

Nonetheless, the less editing, the better. At your position, you should invest in equipment that captures top-notch images. Besides, rely on the right locations, surrounding setup and natural lights to avoid posting filter-crazy photos.

  • Share Your Story

For sure, sharing interesting and quality images are expected of any Instagram travel influencer. Otherwise, how will your followers know your destinations? However, sharing photos alone sometimes isn’t enough. Captions that go along with the photos are as important as the pictures themselves.

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Use your captions to tell engaging stories about your journey. This helps you to connect with your followers better on an emotional level, giving them a reason to trust, follow and engage with you. In this quest, don’t forget to remain genuine.

  • Leverage Instagram Stories

Since its inception, Instagram stories are perhaps the best thing currently on Instagram. The more than 200 million Instagramers using it daily evidence this. Stories are not only a way of gaining followers but also the best way to increase visibility and maintain relevance.

Sharing stories with your location will share the stories to your followers and Instagram users who haven’t followed you yet. Through this, more people will discover you as well as you can attach an outbound link with the “swipe up” option.


It is impossible to become an Instagram influencer overnight. And, if you’re new to Instagram, you would benefit from learning tips for beginners to Instagram. Similarly, maintaining your position requires that you implement several strategies when posting or sharing your content. Being an Instagram travel influencer is something livening and enjoyable. Therefore, share the same experience with a touch of promotional in your posts.

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