5 Apps to Ensure Peace of Mind When Traveling with Family

5 Apps to Ensure Peace of Mind When Traveling with Family

One might need to have a family locator app for many reasons, majorly to locate your family whenever you want to. This is basically to ensure security as you give them freedom. If you love your family so much, it would be unbearable to lose them, that’s why a family locator app is essential.

Most of the teenagers are now carrying with them electronic devices, I am quite sure we even want to take the devices away from them so that at least the young adults can interact more with nature and people around them. We can use these devices to help us track the young adults by installing and use a family locator app on their phone. To locate your family wherever they are, you will definitely need the best family locator App. Below I have analyzed the best five Family locator apps:

1. Family orbit

It can give a real-time location of the device. It has the ability to chat with your family, either one member or the whole family on the app.

Advantages of family orbit

  • You can check where your child has been so as to know whether something strange has been going on.
  • You can pick up your children when they let you know.
  • The app notifies you when your children get to the designated point
  • It allows you keep an eye on your children, the device both of you are using is not an issue.
  • Family orbit will cost you $14.95 for 3 devices per month and $89.95 for three devices per year.
  • It is available for android and iPhone users.

2. Spyzie

Spyzie is a flexible and user friendly app for family location/tracking. This would be your best android app.It has a versatile GPS tracking system, this enables it show the exact location of the targeted mobile phones.This app is able to track call logs along with the location.With Spyzie, you can track the location history of the targeted mobile device. The only problem with the app is that it is not available for Nokia and blackberry
phone users.It will cost you $10 per month and $60 per year.

3. My family GPS tracker

This a simple app with nice tracking and communication feature, it allows you track your kid using a kid tracking mode and you can also customize the app according tom your choice.


  • You don’t need personal data to use the app
  • Allows you communicate to your family
  • Information shared is only received by trusted members, it’s secure.
  • It’s available for free in app store.

4. Glympse

This app works on web-enabled devices, the app user has a say in when they can track them and for how long.


  • One has control of when they can be tracked as they are the ones who give permission by sending the links for tracking.
  • One is comfortable with the app on their phone as they know that they can’t be spied.


  • It is hard for parents to track their kids as they are the ones to share links every now and then.

5. Find my friends

This app is available on iOS and android. It is basically for family and friends for viewing locations. This app shows fire departments, police stations and hospitals. This helps one find someone who can help them.

Find my friend App provides a messaging forum. The app is available at a monthly fee of $5 on a premium version.

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